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Welcome to Pipeworks Plumbing and Construction, your go-to expert for comprehensive sewer cleaning services in Hickory, NC. Our state-of-the-art cleaning process ensures your sewer lines and systems remain free from obstructions, allowing for optimal flow and preventing future clogs. Here’s how we safeguard your home’s plumbing health.

Why is Sewer Cleaning Essential?

Sewer cleaning is vital for maintaining the integrity of your sewer system, ensuring efficient wastewater removal from your house to the city sewage system. Blocked or clogged lines can lead to significant issues, including unpleasant odors, slow drains, and even sewage backups into your home. Regular cleaning helps eliminate these risks, saving homeowners time, money, and mess.

Our Sewer Cleaning Services

This method uses a high flow vacuum source to propel water at high pressure, effectively breaking up and flushing out grease, sand, debris, and tree roots that can block your sewer lines.

Combination Sewer Cleaner

For the toughest blockages, our combination sewer cleaners utilize a powerful mix of high-pressure water jetting and vacuuming to loosen debris, eliminate blockages, and collect the residue, ensuring a thorough cleaning.

Main Line Cleaning

The main sewer line is often the site of the most challenging obstructions. Our skilled plumbers use specialized equipment, like drain snakes and cutting tools, to break through clogs, including those caused by tree roots or damaged pipes.

Routine Maintenance

To prevent emergency clogs and backups, we offer routine maintenance services. Our cleaning process involves inspecting and clearing the main line, secondary lines, and all access points to ensure free flow and optimal function of your entire sewer system.

24/7 Emergency Sewer System Services: Pipeworks to the Rescue

When sewer emergencies strike, every minute counts. That’s why Pipeworks Plumbing and Construction offers around-the-clock emergency services to tackle urgent sewer line issues. Be it a blockage, overflow, or a break in the main line, our rapid-response team is equipped with state-of-the-art tools to diagnose and fix the problem swiftly, minimizing damage and restoring normal flow.

Don’t let sewer emergencies put a damper on your peace of mind. Contact Pipeworks at the first sign of trouble, and let us provide the prompt, efficient service you need to get things back to normal.

Benefits of Choosing Pipeworks Plumbing and Construction for Sewer Lines Cleaning


With years of experience, our plumbers are adept at handling any sewer cleaning job, big or small, with precision and care.

Advanced Equipment

From high-pressure water jetting to sophisticated vacuum systems, we use the latest technology to provide efficient and effective cleaning.

Preventive Measures

Our cleaning services go beyond just addressing current issues. We offer solutions to prevent future blockages and maintain your sewer system’s health over time.

Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with every job. We strive to maintain the cleanliness of your job site, avoid messes and disruptions, and provide clear, upfront communication.

Keep Your Sewer Lines Clear: Maintenance Tips from Pipeworks Plumbing and Construction

Watch What You Flush: Only human waste and toilet paper should go down your toilet. Everything else belongs in the trash.

Use Baking Soda and Hot Water: Regularly flushing your drains with baking soda followed by hot water can help prevent grease and debris build-up.

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners: These can damage your pipes over time. Instead, opt for a plunger or a plumber’s snake for minor clogs.

Regularly Inspect for Leaks: Keep an eye out for signs of leaks along your sewer line. Early detection can prevent major repairs down the line.

Flush More Water: Occasionally run more water through the system, especially if you have a rarely used drain. This can prevent odors and clogs.

Professional Maintenance: Schedule routine checks with Pipeworks Plumbing and Construction. Our technicians use advanced techniques like sewer jetting to maintain optimal flow and prevent unexpected issues.

Ready for a Clean Sweep? Contact Pipeworks Plumbing and ConstructionNow!

Don’t let sewer line troubles disrupt your day-to-day. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a pressing clog, Pipeworks Plumbing and Construction is here to bring expert solutions right to your doorstep. Our combination sewer cleaner technology and high-pressure water jetting promise a thorough cleanse, leaving your sewer systems flowing smoothly.

No blockage is too big or too small — from the main line to every pipe in your house, we’ve got the tools and the talent to tackle it all. So why wait? Reach out now and let Pipeworks Plumbing and Construction clear the way for hassle-free, clean sewer lines. Dial us up or drop a message through our online form. Your sewer lines could be running like new before you know it!

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Cleaning

High-pressure water jetting is a powerful cleaning method used to clear clogs and remove debris from sewer lines. This process involves propelling water at high speeds through a specialized hose and nozzle, effectively breaking up grease, sludge, and other obstructions. It’s safe for most sewers and pipes, offering a thorough cleaning without damaging the infrastructure.
Yes, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can be a simple, eco-friendly way to maintain clear drains. This combination causes a fizzing action that can help break down minor clogs and residue in your pipes. However, for more significant blockages or issues within the sewer system, professional drain cleaning services may be necessary.
Signs that indicate a need for sewer cleaning include slow draining sinks and toilets, frequent clogs, gurgling sounds from drains, and unpleasant odors emanating from the sewer. If you notice these issues, it’s time to consult a professional plumber to assess your sewer system.
Common causes of clogged sewer lines include the accumulation of grease, hair, soap residue, and foreign objects. Tree roots seeking moisture can also invade and block sewer pipes. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to preventing these clogs.
While the thought of sewer cleaning may bring images of mess and disruption to mind, professional services like ours employ techniques that minimize intrusion and mess. Techniques such as vacuum excavation and trenchless sewer repair allow us to clean and repair your sewer lines with minimal disruption to your property.
The frequency of sewer cleaning can depend on several factors, including the age of your pipes, the volume of usage, and whether you’ve experienced problems before. As a general guideline, having your sewer system inspected and cleaned every 18 to 22 months can help prevent clogs and maintain flow efficiency.
If you suspect damage to your sewer line, such as cracks or breaks, it’s crucial to act quickly. Contact a professional plumbing service like Pipeworks Plumbing and Construction. We can conduct a thorough inspection using camera technology to pinpoint the issue and recommend the best course of action, whether it’s cleaning, repair, or replacement. For expert sewer cleaning services in Hickory, NC, turn to Pipeworks Plumbing and Construction. Our team is ready to address all your sewer and plumbing needs, ensuring your home’s system operates smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a service or learn more about how we can help maintain the health of your sewer system.
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